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Each week, Sasha Ablitt and a group of dedicated employees and volunteers set up shop at Ablitt’s to greet dozens of enthusiastic individuals from our local community, who are excited and passionate about making a tangible difference in our environment and our future. But participating in this program is only one of the ways you can help.
There are three primary ways your help can make a huge difference in the success of Planet Protectors’ mission:

Our Programs

Planet Protectors’ primary program is purposed to divert Type 2 and Type 4 plastics from landfills. Currently we achieve this by holding weekly recycling events at a retail drycleaning business location. The program currently processes more than 2,000 pounds per month as part of a program sponsored by the Trex Corporation.

Our flagship re-use program consists of three elements:

  • Educate – We teach friends in our community on how to properly collect & process all recyclable materials, and how to use purchasing habits to reduce needless waste.

  • Collect – We run events twice weekly to collect Type 2 and Type 4 ‘film plastic’ in the Ablitt’s Fine Dry Cleaning business location.

  • Deliver – When we have gathered 2,000 pounds of materials, we ship it to durable building products manufacturer Trex, where it is turned into home-building materials

Types of plastic that we accept:
Types 2 and 4. All items must be dry and clean (no food residue). Including items like:

  • Plastic around toilet paper, paper towels, bottled drink cases
  • Grocery bags and produce bags (clean and dry)
  • Air pillows
  • Bubble wrap
  • Soft plastic and bubble mailing envelopes (including Amazon bubble mailing envelopes)
  • Bread bags (turned inside out with crumbs removed)
  • Ziplock bags

How Our Program Works

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When you are ready to recycle with us, sign up for a slot on our Google Form: for one of our sorting events. Each event has a unique link, and you will receive that link in your “recycling Event” email (signup for that list here if you have not already 😉

  • If you are able to Complete and Submit the Google form, you are confirmed for the event; if not, this means our event is fully booked. Sorry if this happens, we are working on expansion – and please try again next week!

  • When you arrive at the event, please park on the street or in the city lot across the street (75 min free). There is often a queue for sorting so please do not park in a loading zone or in the Ablitts driveway.

  • At the event, you will partner with one of our volunteers to sort through and collect your plastic. Our volunteers will keep everything that is approved and have you take home any rejects.
“Imagine a world without landfills! I believe everything can be reused, recycled, repaired, and rotted (composted and digested). Nature already works this way. Together, humans have the power to rethink our consumer impact and significantly change the way we get rid of waste. Let’s redefine trash!”
Sasha Ablitt
Sasha Ablitt

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