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Weekly Events: Tuesdays 2 – 3 pm or Saturdays 10:30 – 11:30 am. Please click the button above to sign up for our weekly newsletter. Each week we will send an email with our sign up Google form for that week’s events.

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“Imagine a world without landfills! I believe everything can be reused, recycled, repaired, and rotted (composted and digested). Nature already works this way. Together, humans have the power to rethink our consumer impact and significantly change the way we get rid of waste. Let’s redefine trash!”
Sasha Ablitt
Sasha Ablitt

How to be a Planet Protector!

1. Click Here to sign up for our weekly newsletter. Each week we will send an email with our sign up Google form for that week’s events. When the event is full, the form will close down and we ask that you wait for the next invite 🙂

2. You can show up any time DURING the event (Tuesdays 2-3, Saturdays 10:30-11:30)

3. Allow at least 15 minutes at the event and be patient. Most participants take less than 15 minutes at the event. But the time needed depends on the amount of plastic, and the amount of questions you may have.

4. Because we cannot know how long you will be at the event, please park on the street or across the street from Ablitt’s, in the city lot (75 minutes free) and walk over to Ablitt’s (14 W Gutierrez St). Ablitt’s only has a few parking spots in front that are reserved for dryclean customers. Thank you for your understanding. (AND IF you have too much to carry, please contact us for special instructions at the contact information below)

5. When you arrive, there will be a sign directing you down the driveway to our outdoor courtyard where a friendly volunteer will guide you through the process. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER the Ablitt’s front office.

6. Be prepared to sort your own plastic, take home any items that are not useable by Trex AND get any questions you may have about our program answered 🙂

Join & Take Action

Each week, Sasha Ablitt and a group of dedicated employees and volunteers set up shop at Ablitt’s to greet dozens of enthusiastic individuals from our local community, who are excited and passionate about making a tangible difference in our environment and our future. But participating in this program is only one of the ways you can help.
There are three primary ways your help can make a huge difference in the success of Planet Protectors’ mission:
Sorting Film Plastics
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